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Yesterday, I have installed Ubuntu again and while I am finding the popular Firefox plugin, I found out that Zemanta plugin brings a lot of benefits for blogers. You can read more about Zemanta for bloger

As you can see from the image, the advantages of Zemanta plugin includes:

– Easily select related pictures, so you can integrate to your blog posts or our email, … without searching in Google Image as I did before.

– Automatically generate the related articles to make your blog to be a great post. You can choose from the list.

– Automatically generate the most popular links from your blog contents so you can add them to enrich your blog posts. For example, the text links in my post are done by Zemanta.

– Generate recommended tags for your post

– …

Try the demo


ReBlog – Encourage your readers to spread the word!

Your readers love your content – but do they link to your posts? Make it easy for them to quote you with a single click of the ReBlog button. You’ll get full attribution and a backlink.

Zemanta recommended tags are SEO optimized, helping you boost your search engine ranking while easily organizing your content.

This helps you get more links, more readers, and boosts your Technorati rank.

Download Zemanta for your browser

Download Zemanta for Firefox

For a browser add-on:

  • Download Zemanta
  • Install it on your browser
  • Open your blogging dashboard
  • Start writing and experience Zemanta!
Download Zemanta for MSIE

We support all popular platforms:

Zemanta supported platforms

Download Zemanta Bookmarklet

Bookmarklet for any browser

Bookmarklets are special types of bookmarks that can add additional things to the web site you’re currently viewing.

and other platforms

Download Zemanta for LiveWriter

Other Platforms

  • Download Zemanta Live Writer plug-in
  • Install Zemanta to Live Writer
  • Start writing and experience Zemanta!

or Server-side Plugin

Download Zemanta for WordPress Download Zemanta for MovableType Download Zemanta for Drupal

For a server-side plug-in:

  • Install your own local copy of WP/MT/Drupal
  • Download Zemanta plug-in
  • Install plug-in in your WP/MT/Drupal directory
  • Turn Zemanta “ON” in the admin interface
  • Start writing and experience Zemanta!

Is there a difference between Zemanta browser extension or the server-side plugin?

There is no difference in the Zemanta experience, you get the same functionality.

If you own a self-hosted blog then install the server-side plugin, if you are unsure, install the browser extension.

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