Ubuntu 9.10 runs very fast and stable on Notebook MSI VX600

As in the post How to install Ubuntu 9.04 on notebook MSI VX600, I had to disable ACPI, … to make Ubuntu 9.04 work in my notebook, but the CPU always went height when I open the Firefox browse, especially some flash sites. So at that time, I couldn’t enjoy Ubuntu system in my notebook.

But now, after near one month already, I move to use Ubuntu as the primary OS in my notebook. Ubuntu 9.10 makes a lot of changes, so it runs so stable, smoothly.

Another interesting thing in Ubuntu 9.10 is Ubuntu One, which can automatically sync the personal data in secure with many computers which have same Ubuntu One account. But for me, I still choose Dropbox, instead of Ubuntu One, because it can sync faster and more stable than Ubuntu One.

Life is free !

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