Real-Time Application Interface: RTAI 3.7.1 available

Today, I get email from RTAI mailing list that they announce RTAI 3.7.1 to all users and developers which are using RTAI for their system.

The RTAI 3.7.1 release is available at <>

It contains:

– Substantial updates to RTAI-Lab (Roberto Bucher):
– A better support to install different versions of Scilab: scilab-4.12, scicoslab-4.3 and scilab-5.1.1
– Addition of new icons to scicoslab pal-trer
– Scilab/Scicos Log added (thanks to Holger Nahrstaedt)
– Support of multiple COMEDI counters and encoders in Scilab/Scicos (thanks to Guillaume Millet)
– Added support for COMEDI comedi_get_subdevice_flags (Guillaume Millet)
– x86 and Powerpc upgrade to Linux-2.6.29
– Various reworks of async Linux servers, including support of mpxed socket calls
– Few fixes of build glitches
– More consistent behavior for self changed priorities (Matthias Richly)

Not in this release but to be noticed are the new Linux Board Support Package supports for RTAI-3.6.2/mcf54455 and RTAI-3.7/mcf5329 available at RTAI home site, contributed by Freescale Semiconductor (Valentin Pavlyuchenko).

In my option, RTAI nowadays they releases new version very often. It can support newer kernel version which in the newer Linux distros.

Get fun!

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