At this moment, I am using one Windows Server 2008 running on an VPS (Virtual Private Server). Like before, I always want to setup system by myself to make sure to know what is on my system. The first time, I was thinking to use Linux server, but I changed my mind at last to choose Windows since uTorrent runs very well and is supported and recommended on almost well-known Private Torrent Trackers such as hd-torrents, bit-hdtv, bitme, bitspyder, … I can use XAMPP since I am very familiar with, but I just wanted to face with Windows stuff :)

I will briefly introduce some steps that you need to go though.

1. Need to install IIS7 and setup Web Server (if you want to share data through HTTP protocol) and FTP Server 7.5 based on these tutorials from IIS
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RTAI Conference Papers

Last week, I have introduced to RealTime Application Interface for Linux, now I would like to give you some RTAI Conference Papers. Those papers could be a very good reference for everyone who is working with RTAI, as well as people doesn’t play with RTAI before to have more motivation.
1. PC-based feedback acceleration control using Linux RTAI

Linux operative system, extended with the real time application interface (RTAI), makes it possible to realize industrial motion controls. This requires general purpose processors (GPPs) instead of dedicated DSPs or microcontrollers. RTAI offers the possibility of designing and developing motion controls using high level object languages (i.e., Simulink). The main advantages brought using Linux-RTAI and a PC as a controller platform are: very reduced time for development, diagnostics, design of controls; cost reduction offered by the open-source status of the operating system; high availability of the hardware. This paper shows that such a system offers adequate digital programming and signal processing capabilities to make real time motion control applications. An industrial-PC based acceleration control is presented and points of strength of RTAI solution are shown.
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The best CHM Viewer in Ubuntu Linux

What is CHM ?

Let’s have a look at Wikipedia:

Microsoft Compiled HTML Help is a proprietary format for online help files, developed by Microsoft and first released in 1997 as a successor to the Microsoft WinHelp format. It was first introduced with the release of Windows 98, and is still supported and distributed through Windows XP and Vista platforms.

“.chm” is one kind of headache for Linux users so let’s find the best useful CHM viewer for Ubuntu/Linux. I have some great eBooks but in CHM format, so I have been always finding a good and useful CHM Viewer for my system.
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Skype is a software to make free video and voice calls, send instant messages and share files with other Skype users. You can use Skype in almost famous platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS and for your mobiles as well. For Linux users, you can easily download and install Skype binary package from here.

With the 32-bit Ubuntu box, you simply just plug Webcam or use build-in webcam, turn Skype and enjoy chatting with your girlfriend, however with the 64-bit counterpart, you have to do some tricks to make it works. Otherwise, you can’t see anything even you still can see camera file in /dev/video0

1. You have to locate library in your system. User Terminal and type this:

$ find / -name 2>/dev/null

Use /dev/null to ignore errors can appear during searching for that lib.

2. You then have to load that library before other Skype libs by using LD_PRELOAD. You can read this article to see how LD_PRELOAD works: Modifying a Dynamic Library Without Changing the Source Code

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Nowadays, people is looking for RealTime solutions for their products, since their tasks have to be done very accurately. One more reason is Linux OS usually to be integrated into embedded IC ( Arm, PowerPC, … ). In term of Realtime OS, there are several wellknown Real-Time OS: QNX, VxWorks, RTAI.

VxWorks comes from WindRiver company, is the most expensive and well supported Real-Time commercial product. It has been used for many years in many famous labratory to do some real-time needed experiments like human interactions, … It costs around 4000$ per license. In additions, WindRiver has a university program which can donate to your university for several licenses for 3 years, read more.
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