LastPass – the best password manager for IE, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome


What is lastpass and its features ?

Actually, LastPass is a password manager is used as a add-ons or a plugin in such internet browsers as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, …

I have used LastPass add-on in Firefox for 3 or 4 months when the first version was released I don’t remember but from now on I cann’t release this plugin because of this advantages:

I can manager all my passwords by using only one master password. Actually it is same as the normal password manager :), but it is not all.

LastPass can run on all popular web browses like FireFox, IE, Opera, … so I can use LastPass in Mac, Linux, Windows hehe

Every passwords will not be stored anymore but synchnorizing with your LastPass account in So don’t worry about changing your Operating System or changing computers by time. Everything will not be lost.

One-time password which is the most exciting and secure feature in LastPass is the other Master Password created by you but it can be used only 1 time. It means you can use it to get one password and don’t worry about losing your master password when you use the public computer.

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All password data is engypted and your browse will ask you the master password each section time which you can set is over. So you can leave your computer and go around and drink a cup of coffee, and don’t worry about someone want to touch your computer hehe.

The most significant feature is that it can distinguish bettwen all your account in one domain. I like this feature so much because I have many google App email account but have same name :), and I can manager those easily.

It can inport and export to other type, … so don’t worry if you are using other Password manager like KeePass, …

Automatic Form Filling: you can create it one time and use it forever, so avoid feeling tired during typing. Even your secure data like: Bank account, credit account, …

If you care about all thing you can use your own figure (with YubiKey) to verify your login section:

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More features you can see here

Basic Instructions

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How to Generate Secure Passwords (basic)

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How to Generate Secure Passwords (advanced)

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How to Auto-login into Complex Websites

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You can watch more video tutorials here

Install and setup

For Firefox user, you can open menu Tools -> Add-ons and search with keyword: Lastpass and install it.

If you are using Windows, you can download this one and install this package. It will install automatically everything for you by following the wizard.

I strong recommend you to use this password manager. You will reach high level 🙂

Have fun!

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