Howto get direct link from files, folders in

Homepage: is the most famous online box store with great  stability, not limited time of existence of the file, so we will not be worry about my file is suddenly deleted hehe. Nowadays it is very easy to create a free account in but they limit some free functions.

Now free account with 1GB of storage, bandwidth is 10GB. It is very good for normal user, even it is better what we wish with a free acount. When a register is also hosting is not like keke.

Now we wish to get the direct link or get the over bandwidth file :). How ??


The first link is taken in the share folder, the file you want to share, or the link people shared.

1. Link’s share directory by clicking on the share button.


2. Link of the file share by clicking on the share button.


3. Use the script

Go to to get direct link or the link has the bandwidth. Select out-of-bandwidth or directlink then enter the corresponding address to the above, click Get


The author is very good Vietnamese programmer. He did a lot of things for VN community programmer. Script is based on the reading of the links’ feeds.

You also can create free account from that link.


  • Retrieved link directly or over bandwidth files
  • Used those files for your music website.

Get fun!

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  • Wen February 9, 2011, 11:48 pm

    Do u know any way to get all the shared links for all my files in instead of clicking to share one by one?


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