How to upgrade Pidgin and fix Yahoo problem in Ubuntu 9.04

Some days ago, I couldn’t even sign in my Yahoo account in Pidgin. At that time, I guessed that having some problems and was waiting for upgrade version of Pidgin. Finally, the new version 2.5.7 has been released on 20th June wih new bug fix.

Version 2.5.7 (06/20/2009)

  • Yahoo Protocol 16 support, including new HTTPS login method; this should fix a number of login problems that have recently cropped up. (Sulabh Mahajan, Mike “Maiku” Ruprecht)
  • Only display the AIM “Unable to Retrieve Buddy List” message once per connection. (Rob Taft)
  • Blocking MSN users not on your buddy list no longer disconnects you.
  • When performing operations on MSN, assume users are on the MSN/Passport network if we don’t get network ID’s for them.

In my option, I always want to get newest packages from their repositories instead of default Ubuntu’s repositories, so we need to update PPA.

Step 1: Setup PPA

To setup the PPA, copy-and-paste these commands into a terminal:

sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver \


echo deb \
    `lsb_release --short --codename` main | \
 sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/pidgin-ppa.list

Step 2: Update pidgin

Update repositories by typing command:

sudo apt-get update

Now you will be able to get new Pidgin version.

Have fun and enjoy your Pidgin messenger.

Please have a look at for more information.

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