How to solve: Maximum number of clients reached: Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display in Ubuntu 9.10 64 bit

I am currently running Ubuntu 9.10 AMD64 bit in my Desktop and there are some issues with the warning:

Maximum number of clients reached

Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display in Ubuntu 9.10 64 bit

After several mins running my OS, I can’t open any program like gedit, VLC, .. even the Terminal. Luckily I still had one terminal left, so I tried to see what the message if I open gedit:


And that message come out. Actually I didn’t know what is wrong with my system even I had a fresh installation of Ubuntu. And this one has never happened before with 32-bit Ubuntu.

I had to spend a lot of time on searching Google and found out that there are a lot of people have the same problems, but it seems to be happened only in 64-bit system. And I never got good answer how to solve at all.

Yesterday, I found one thread mention about Maximum number of clients reached on Ubuntu forums and finally I got the way to solve it.


It happens only when you install Lastpass extension for Google Chrome browser in Ubuntu 9.10 64 bits. If you remove that extensions and close all Chrome tabs, everything runs again.

Lastpass is one of  my best favorite plugins in Firefox and Chrome as well. Read more: LastPass – the best password manager for IE, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome

How to solve

You can fix that problem by 2 ways:

  • If you don’t wanna use Lastpass extension, just remove it from Google Chrome and close all tabs. That’s all 🙂
  • If you still wanna use Lastpass extension, don’t install from Google Chrome page, just install it from Lastpass page: (Thanks Bob from Lastpass)

Have fun with Google Chrome and Lastpass.

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