How to fix Sound problem of Windows 7 in notebook MSI VX600

I have been using Windows for a long time so far. Recently I switched to Windows 7 and was surprised about its performance. The most interesting thing in Windows 7 is that it can automatically recognize the new hardware and install it, so I didn’t need CD driver for installing drivers like I did before. I am a Linux fan, but I still use Windows because I am using some particular softwares that run only in Windows.

But actually it made me crazy with the default sound driver, I couldn’t enjoy great sound like before in Windows XP. Searching in the Internet and found out there are a lot of people out there got the same problem like have no sound, there is crazy noise, … and there are also a lot of solutions. But the easiest way is use the default drivers provided by the manufacturer.

Step 1

Uninstall the old driver from Drive manager by typing those words in the search box, find sound and uninstall it.

Device manager

Step 2

Use the driver disc and find audio folder under audio and install it. After that, restart the system again. The audio driver in here is Realtek High Definition Audio Codec R2.04 (09/12/2008).

You can download that driver from here or simply search that version driver from Google.

Note: not the latest version because I have tried it and the same problem had occurred, so be careful.

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