How to fix floating point in Code composer studio 3.3

I am using Code Composer 3.3 with TDS510USB Jtag Emulator on TMS320F28335, but after installing Jtag Driver, … and trying to compile one sample project, I always get warning: invalid compiler –float_support=fpu32 (ignored) and finally error at linking step: can’t find input file ‘rts2800_fpu32.lib’



hb_018After searching Internet, I found out that it was because of Code Generation Tools should be the latest version. So if you face that problem you can follow these steps to upgrade your Code Generation Tools.

Step 1: Download new CGT

Download Code Generation Tools from TI Website: or go to menu: Help > Update Advisor -> Check for update and find Code Generation Tools


Just download the latest version. At this moment,the latest version is 5.2.1 for both Windows and Linux. After that, install that file as normal.

Step 2: Configure for new CGT

Go to menu Help -> About and click Component Manager:


At the tab Build Tools, choose the latest version instead the default version:


Save and restart CCS and you can compile successfully your C2000 CPU.

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