DVSDK v2.0 free to download in TI

Today, I go to my TI account and access my.TI Extranets and really surprise that the newer DVSDK v2.0 for DM644x, DM646x and DM35x devices have been published. From now on, we can easy to download such great softwares.

Moving DVEVM Software to www.ti.com

Updated 10 June 2009

NEW – For faster, easier access to this EVM software, new releases will become available for download on www.ti.com.

Gradually, EVMs will NO LONGER require serial number registration, and and you will NO LONGER  need to access your software via the this DaVinci Software Extranet site.

DVSDK v2.0 – June 8, 2009

DVSDK v2.0 release includes support for  DM6446, DM6467 and DM355 DVEVMs

This software is now available via www.ti.com at:
Click on Download to access software.

  • Easy, instant download access:
    No more EVM registration required to access most of this DVSDK software.
  • Optional sign-up for updates:
    Click on a link to download.
    You will notice some links offer a choice: “Do you wish to get update notices?”
    Update = receive Update Notices
    Cancel = download instantly
  • Certain files still require export approval before download:
    • For some files, TI is still required to approve the user for export compliance before download is allowed. Links for those files will take you through that process.You will receive activation and download instructions via email in approximately 24-48 business hours.
  • TI is actively working to reduce the number of these restricted files in future releases.
  • You can access all new DVSDK versions by clicking this address: http://software-dl.ti.com/dsps/dsps_public_sw/sdo_sb/targetcontent/dvsdk/index.html

    DVSDK Product Download Pages

    DVSDK 2.00 DM644x, DM646x and DM35x devices: DVSDK, related software and documentation
    DVSDK 2.05 DM357 devices: DVSDK, related software and documentation

    This software requires U.S. Government export approval. This link will take you to www.ti.com/requestfreesoftware. Within approx. 24-48 business hours, you will receive an Acitvation ID and download instructions from TI’s myRegistered Software system.

    DVSDK 2.10 DM365 devices: DVSDK, related software and documentation
    DVSDK 3.00 OMAP35x devices: DVSDK, related software and documentation

    This is the GA release of DVSDK 2.00 with support for DM355, DM6446 and DM6467. This DVSDK, coupled with the Demonstration Version of Montavista Linux Pro v5.0 (Embedded Real-Time Linux), gives developers the ability to evaluate the hardware and software capabilities of the various DaVinci platforms.

    Have fun !

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